top 5 faqs after your first order

1. When will I be billed?

We charge credit cards every two weeks for all previous orders. Any credits or coupons that are on your account will be applied to your balance before we charge the remaining amount to your credit card. Please note that because we bill for the prior two weeks worth of orders, you may see charges on your account after you have decided to skip an order or cancel your account. This is perfectly normal. If you ever want to know more about your billing history, you can easily view your balance and your previous orders by clicking on the ‘view payment history’ link under billing info on your account page.

2. Do you take back your boxes?

Unfortunately, we are unable to reuse the boxes for food safety reasons (we would if we could!), so we encourage our customers to either reuse their boxes around the house or recycle them.

3. Where can I see the contents of my upcoming delivery, or see what was included in a previous delivery?

Upcoming delivery: You can view upcoming or past boxes easily by logging into your account on the Imperfect website if your customization window is still open, you can click on the ‘Customize My Box’ button on your account page to see what produce is available that week and begin choosing which items you’d like to be included in your box.

Previous deliveries: To see items ordered in previous boxes, click on the ‘View Payment History’ link in the billing info section (bottom center)  on your Account Summary. You can click on any specific order number to see which fruits and/or veggies you received in that box.

4. How do I skip a future order or change my order frequency?

Going out of town for a couple weeks? No problem. To skip orders, click on the link ‘Going on vacation? Click here’ under the ‘My Upcoming Order’ section in My Account Summary. On this page, you don’t need to let us know the actual dates of your vacation, just the dates that you do not want to receive a box. If you normally receive deliveries on Friday, be sure to include the dates for every Friday that you do not want to receive a box. If the day is not selected and you normally receive a delivery on that day, you will still receive a box.

If you want to change the date or the frequency of your upcoming order(s), you can click on the ‘edit’ button next to ‘My Recurring Order’ on My Account Summary and then change the frequency to every week or every other week, or you can change your next delivery date by clicking on the underlined date.

5. How do I change my personal information like my delivery address, password, or phone number?

You can edit the information on your customer profile by clicking on the ‘edit’ button next either the ‘Delivery Info’ or the ‘Billing Info’ header. On this page, you can update any of your personal information. Please note that once a customization window is closed, you cannot change your personal information (address, delivery instructions, phone number, etc.) for that order–only for upcoming orders. In other words, once the customization window closes, your box is being delivered to the address that was on file.