How it Works

We are similar to a traditional CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) but with a few important twists.  We work with farmers all across California who have "ugly" produce that has been rejected by supermarkets and produce distributors.  This produce is perfectly delicious and edible, but it looks a little different from other produce - it's too big, too small, or a slightly different color.  We source this produce straight from farmers and deliver it to you every week.  The result is that you come home to a box of fresh produce that is both affordable and good for the environment.  

Step 1 – Sourcing from Farmers

We work with farmers across California to source their produce that was rejected by supermarkets and distributors simply for being the wrong shape or size. It tastes the same, but just looks a little different on the outside.  Farmers love us because they get extra income from produce that previously went to waste.



Step 2 – Packing the Producecarrot

We carefully inspect each item of produce to ensure we are only giving our customers the freshest, most delicious fruits and vegetables.  We then pack the produce into conveniently-sizes boxes to be delivered to our customers.



Step 3 – Home and Office Delivery

You get to pick from your choice of assorted vegetable and fruit boxes.  When you sign-up for a subscription from Imperfect, every week you get an assortment of fresh, seasonal produce delivered right to your door. You pick the size and box type that works for you, and we do the rest!   And because we are sourcing “ugly” produce, you get your produce for 30% cheaper than traditional produce costs in a grocery store.  Check out our produce box options HERE.


You can browse our different fruit and veggie boxes HERE.



Why Buy Imperfect?



When you buy Imperfect, you get high-quality produce for 30% less than it costs in a grocery store.  That’s because we source surplus produce from farmers that would have otherwise gone to waste.  So you get all the fresh fruits and veggies you want without breaking the bank.




We know life can be busy.  And finding the time to pick out healthy food can be a challenge.  That’s why we deliver the produce right to your doorstep so it’s waiting for you when you get home.




You can feel good knowing that buying Imperfect is good for the planet too.  Every pound of produce you buy saves anywhere from 10-35 gallons of water from being wasted.  It also keeps food out of landfills, where it contributes to climate change.  


You can browse our different fruit and veggie boxes HERE.